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Contributing to construction culture to cultivate beautiful and prosperous life for all of us.


Dear Dongil Construction Company customers,

 Thank you for visiting our website. We would like to sincerely appreciate for your supporting Dongil Construction Company with kind interest and encouragement.

 Aiming at customer satisfaction and advanced business management since its establishment in 1953, Dongil has been played central role of modernization of South Korea’s construction industry through its reputation and advanced technology accumulated by extensive construction experience.

 Furthermore, Dongil is now putting the best effort to manage the challenges of the 21st century and to become global company through customer satisfaction. This process will be accomplished through innovative management which is necessary to successfully explore many business areas such as construction business, civil engineering and plant business, and overseas construction business.

Dongil will strive to be a strong and stabilized company and make sure to respond to our customer’s needs by providing with first class services. After all, everyone in Dongil will do our best to be your partner cultivating “beautiful and prosperous life for all of us.”

Thank you.

Dongil Construction Co. Ltd. CEO,

Kim, Jun-Ho